Neolith Classtone collection

neolith classtone collectionHave you seen the newest Classtone collection by Neolith? It amazingly imitates natural stone, such as white Calacatta marble, beige Crema Marfil and Brown Gaudy. Calacatta (Classtone name – Estatuario) comes in 3 different variations and 2 finishes: leather and river-washed. Can be used for book-matching and other awesome kitchen, floor and wall installations. I’ve seen some samples of Neolith Classtone collection at HG Stones in Brooklyn, NY and all I can say they truly look amazing!

Combining the beauty of natural marble and performance of technical porcelain, Classtone is offered in the large slabs (biggest on the USA market) and 2 thicknesses: 6mm and 12mm. Neolith consists of clay and other natural materials sintered to create a high-performance scratch-resistant surface with zero absorption (=easy to clean, no stains ever!). The marble veins and patterns are actually taken from the actual marble slabs. Ideal uses of Neolith: floors, walls, counter tops, furniture and various facade applications.

Bathroom Cabinets – Various Designs to Choose From

bathroom remodelingWhen you want to keep your bathroom properly organized, given the fact that many of them are simply presented only with the needed pieces (bathtub, shower cabin, toilet and sink) you will have to consider choosing the right types of cabinets that complement the overall style of your bathroom. There won’t be any more pieces of toiletry left randomly spread on the sink, no more shampoos and creams left on the bathtub rim, everything will have it s own place.

Bathroom cabinets come in various designs, materials, colors, and sizes, to accommodate the space of each bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom and are afraid that you won’t enough space to furnish it with cabinets, you can rest assured that there are several designs and style to fit in the space of a small bathroom. You can choose for instance the cabinet that comes as a completion of the sink on top of which the sink is mounted. You may as well choose the wall mounted styles that incorporate the mirror on their gliding doors to save the floor space of your bathroom.

For the large bathroom there are bathroom cabinets that come as tall boys where you can perfectly organize your toiletry as well as towels and bathrobes. Choose also the pull-out pantry shelves that can incorporate other bathroom items with easiness to access to. As to the materials these cabinets are made of you have again a vast range of wood from oak, to cherry, and maple. Although white is the most favored color for bathroom furniture, you may as well choose other colors to complement the overall style of your bathroom.